How To Perform Better At Work

Reduce stress have more fun

Want to perform better? Have more fun.

Somehow we’ve been conned into believing that caring for ourselves is selfish and some type of sin. That toughing it out is more respectable, that’s ridiculous!

Thanks to decades of research into the human mind, we now know that most of our negative feelings stem from unbalanced biological needs. This means caring for ourselves, doing more things we enjoy, and going to have more fun. Which is also a catalyst for helping us perform better.

When we’re in a positive mood we’re more cooperative, more creative and better at problem solving. We’re 31% more productive and 37% better at sales. So by caring for ourselves and having more fun we can have more time and make more money. Our two top stressors, eradicated!

We’ll maybe not completely but significantly. I’ve give you the other secrets to less stress in subsequent blogs. Actually I think there’s only one, live by our values. Here’s the video I did on exercises to help you discover yours.

Logically, if we’re doing more things we enjoy, we’re going to be more positive. Living the way we were meant to, appreciating every moment. The view, the taste, the touch...

And of-course when we good mentally we feel better physically. A positive mindset even helps our immune system function optimally. And if we feel good, we perform better, at work and at home.

That’s intelligent design. The way we’ve been conditioned to believe is such horseshit, and we now have the science to prove it. Like no other time in history, especially as Americans, we really are free to enjoy our lives, we just have to believe...


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