Reduce stress, lessen pain & perform better by doing more of the things you enjoy. Scientifically Proven.

No not snake oil science

Just decades of research from dozens of academic fields like positive psychology, motivational interviewing and most recently neuroscience – what our brains our doing when we’re thinking and feeling – really cool stuff.

Positive psychologists have proven that when we’re in a positive mood our minds function significantly better. We’re 31% more productive and 37% better at sales. That’s means by doing more things we enjoy we can get more done and even make more money.

I’m Tired and have Too much Stress

We’re tired and stressed  because we rarely take time for ourselves. By doing more of things that we enjoy we fulfill biological needs that help rejuvenate our body and minds.

Remember back in school when during class your energy levels felt like you’d been up for days and you were struggling to keep your eyes open? But as soon as it was time to go home boy was there a fire under our ass, we were like the energizer bunny, going and going…

How do you feel at work most days as you pound cups of java and try to tweak of that starbucks just to get you thru the day? Now how do you feel when it’s time to go home on the last day of the work-week? I’m betting the same as when you were back in school.

My Body Hurts

Pain is a mental construct. You don’t have to believe me I probably wouldn’t if I didn’t know any better. But in this article in pain science these expert neuro-scientists and neurologists are saying the same thing

Now I decided to become a health and wellness coach to get to the root cause of pain after years of limited results doing massage therapy. But also because pounding on thick flesh and muscle every day was causing me lots of pain so I’m not saying it’s completely made up.

Repetitive motions, injuries, POOR POSTURE, these can all cause pain. But stress makes em all worse. Stress causes our bodies to constrict in on itself. Essentially grinding on adjoining structures and wearing them out much quicker. This can cause a multitude of issues from arthritis to nerve impingement.

Stress is completely mental, a choice to be exact. We’ve been conditioned since childhood to view life as a constant struggle instead of an enjoyable journey or even an epic adventure.

All we have to do to improve our mental and physical health and improve every aspect of our lives from making more money to caring for our families is believe that we were put on this planet to thrive instead of merely survive.

Start making your biological needs a priority, and we could alleviate even prevent most of our pain and disease. No more excuses, go enjoy your life!

How well would you function if you felt good body and mind?

What would you do if you did?

Let me know in the comments.

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