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I'm on a mission to master wellness and share that knowledge to improve the lives of others.

After 12 yrs as a massage therapist and 7 as a personal trainer trying to help people reduce pain, I realized their emotions were usually the cause. I knew that in order to help people have real results reducing pain, I had to help them calm their minds.

And I was in a hurry because I was in constant physical pain from all the massages I was doing which was also causing me to feel very resentful and unfulfilled. Physically I was in great shape, but mentally I was also struggling.

Drinking and smoking almost nightly to deal with the stresses of what I thought was just being a single parent. Struggling to pay the bills, raise my kids properly and balance my own needs.

But I was really just unhappy with my life. My relationship with my family sucked, in-fact most of my relationships did, especially the one I had with myself....

I realized I was teaching my kids the exact same thing. That’s when I knew that in order to improve my life (and others), I had to be a better role model and become the change I wanted to see in the world.

For that I had to learn how to master my own emotions. Getting them to work for me instead of against me. So I dove into as many mindfulness, psychology, self-help, books, blogs, articles and Ted Talks I could find until I came across something called wellness coaching, "the science of behavior change".

I struggled, wondering if I could really change how I was wired, socially and/or genetically. Was I strong enough, good enough, smart enough, motivated enough? I now understand that feeling better body and mind come from making ourselves a priority and caring for our biological needs.  

My mental and physical health are now always a priority because when we feel good we function better, at everything from making more money to caring for our families. My relationship with my children and myself has never been better. My finances continue to grow because at 43 years old I feel great body and mind. But more importantly, I'm happy.

This is the legacy I hope to leave.

Call or email me now and feel better today.


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