FEEL BETTER SO YOU FUNCTION BETTER by doing more things you enjoy!

Once upon a time chronic tension was causing a tremendous amount of suffering. Everyday millions of Americans were in constant physical & emotional pain and what made it even worse is they thought it was normal and were teaching their kids the exact same thing. One day people learned to make themselves a priority and care for their needs. Because of that people became more self-aware and were able to heal.

After 12 yrs as a massage therapist and 7 as a personal trainer trying to help people reduce their pain I realized that they’re emotions were usually the cause. So I became certified in wellness coaching, "the science of behavior change".

We’re much more effective and efficient, at home and work when we feel good. We achieve this by caring for our biological needs. Yes it’s proven!

Now I help clients feel better body and mind by making time for themselves and creating a self-care plan they actually enjoy. Based on their own strengths, values and motivators, so you’re much more likely to be successful.

We’ll focus on solutions instead of problems, saving time, as we create goals designed to not only build your skill-set but your confidence from achieving small wins.

Coaching sessions can be conducted thru telephone or video chat.

Johnny Martinez, health & wellness coach, massage therapist, pain management specialist